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Comforts of Home Glamping

About this location

About this location

Highway 63 RV Park is a fully-serviced, seasonal RV park surrounded by 320 beautiful acres. Built in 2009, it provided much-needed accommodations for many construction and pipeline crews working in the area at that time. In 2010, we welcomed our first full-time, recreational tenant and we’ve never looked back. 

Its convenient location, amenities, services, security, natural beauty, and friendly atmosphere appeals to everyone from ‘glampers’ to nature-lovers alike.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Events & Incentives

Our client demographics range from young families to middle-aged couples to retirees. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or tons of events and outdoor activities, Highway 63 RV Park is the place to be! Some of our events are annual, and some are one-time and completely spontaneous.

January / February – Skidoo Party


This annual event (weather permitting) is attended by those brave (or crazy) enough to sleep in their campers for one weekend during the dead of winter. The ride takes us through the LaBiche Wild Land Provincial Park to a warm-up fire overlooking the Athabasca River. After a long day in the outdoors, the group gathers for a delicious potluck.

May - Meet & Greet


An opportunity for new campers to meet us and one another. This informal Q&A information session is a great time to review campground rules, and for tenants to ask questions.

May – Community Garden Planting


On or around May-Long Weekend our tenants get together to plant approximately 600 hills of potatoes and when ready, are enjoyed by all tenants of the park. Plots are also designated for those who want to plant and maintain their own vegetable garden.

June 2019 – Ten Year Anniversary Celebration


Barbecue, cocktails, prizes and games that included: Roll Back the Rent and our very own version of Jeopardy / Family Feud. Family Feud participants faced off to answer skill-testing, RV park-related questions. Members of the winning team got to spin a prize wheel for a chance to roll back the following year’s rent to the rate associated with the year on the wheel.

July 4, 2020 – Tiki Bar Grand Opening


This ‘Tiki’ themed party consisted of tropical drinks, tropical food, and tropical décor. Tenants dressed in their best tropical, Polynesian and Tiki Idol costumes for a chance to win some great prizes.

July – Canada Day


Over the years this event has included a game of Jeopardy, stall decorating, karaoke, potlucks, and fireworks.

August – ‘Clash of the Campgrounds’ River Float


Teams representing our RV Park and Round Lake Campground take part in a friendly river float (race) that takes place on calm and scenic La Biche River. The float concludes at the RV Park and attendees from both campgrounds gather in the Tiki Bar themed cook house where the winning campground receives the honorary title of ‘BEST MOSICH CAMPGROUND’. Participants in the float enjoy a complimentary taco bar and ice cold refreshments! 

August - Campground Cup Golf Tournament


This annual fundraiser is co-hosted with Better Den Ome Campground and is open to campers from our campgrounds. For a $100 registration fee, golfers receive transportation to and from the tournament, a steak dinner, golf cart and prizes. Contests, raffles and draws take place throughout the day and all proceeds from the tournament are donated back to non-profit groups in the Wandering River community. This is an extremely popular tournament with a waiting list to enter. 

September – Halloween / Costume Party


Over the years, this party has included a variety of activities including candy guessing games, potlucks, and prizes for best costumes and best decorating. 

September – Dart Tournament


Organized by our generous, dart-loving tenants, this popular tournament was held twice at our RV Park and the proceeds from the tournament were donated to the recipient of the participants and organizer's choice.

October – Thanksgiving Dinner / Season Wind Up

Campers gather in the Tiki Bar for a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Beautiful decorations and a fire in the wood stove make for a warm cozy atmosphere that marks the official end to ‘glamping season’. 

After the Thanksgiving weekend, we all get some much-needed rest so we can start all over in the spring!


Highway 63 RV Park offers the best of both worlds! Whether you’re looking for a beautiful, natural setting or the convenience of full services with unique amenities, look no further – we’ve got it all!

Included in the seasonal fee are these amazing amenities and services:

Amenities - our tenants enjoy exclusive access to these unique amenities

  • Community potato patch (approximately 600 hills) and vegetable garden plots 

  • Designated ATV and walking trails

  • Beautiful, riverfront access to a private park with flower beds, picnic tables, and community fire pit or for water sports such as fishing, tubing, canoeing, or kayaking

  • Gated / Secure (power gate) 

  • Playground

  • Swimming pool

  • Tiki Bar themed cook house for potlucks, karaoke, birthday parties, and other gatherings


  • Full hook-up’s (water, power, sewer)

  • Full-time, on-site management

  • Garbage bin (waste disposal service)

  • Regular stall (lawn) maintenance - the majority of our stalls are approximately 40’ x 80’; however 5 stalls are significantly larger. All stalls are large enough to easily accommodate a deck and shed. 


We are conveniently located just 15 minutes from Wandering River, Atmore, and Plamondon; and a short 45-50 minute drive to Lac La Biche and Athabasca. Very little gravel and easy access to Highway 63.

Just show up and enjoy our wonderful little gated community!



Bylaws & Rules

Bylaws and Rules

Upon registration, all tenants (new and returning) receive a welcome package (electronic booklet) that speaks to all of our rules in great detail:

Alcohol Use

ATV Bylaws (Adults and Youth)

Buildings and Structures Criteria

Boundaries / Trespassing

Cleanliness Standards

Deposits (Gate Key & Damage)

Disorderly Conduct




Fire Pit Standards

Fire & OHV Bans

Firewood (Purchasing and Permits for Harvesting)


Garbage Disposal

Guests, Visitors, Weekenders

Insurance Coverage Requirements

Quiet Time

Registration Process (Permanent and Visitors)

Sheds and Tarps

Speed Limit

Stall Improvements

Stall Maintenance & Upkeep


Zero Tolerance (cause for immediate eviction):

  • Careless driving (all motor vehicles, including ATVs)

  • Deliberate damage to our property and/or neighboring property

  • Disregard for fire or ATV bans

  • Hunting and/or use of firearms within the campground

  • Illicit drug use

  • Lewd, disrespectful and disorderly conduct

  • Littering of any kind (including cigarette butts) 

  • Theft

  • Trespassing

  • Unauthorized tree and firewood removal from private property 

  • Unauthorized tree removal from the FPA without a valid, (free) PUFPP firewood permit or failure to follow the conditions of the permit

Also included in the welcome package are Emergency Contacts (medical, fire control, wildlife, RCMP, and management), Emergency Procedures, and other resources such as Fire/OHV Bans and Wood Cutting Permits.



Our Story. May 3rd 2016 - the day our lives were turned upside down.


It started out as a beautiful morning with no smoke in the air, things were looking up for the city of Fort McMurray.  At around 12pm, I received a call from my wife Pansy informing me that we were being told to evacuate from our home. As I left site to make my way home, smoke filled the air. The wind has shifted again sending ‘The Beast’ into town. Traffic was steadily increasing as I made my way through the Thickwood area. There were long line ups at gas stations in the area. Thankfully, I had filled up over the weekend.  Upon getting to my home, we were told we had 30 minutes to leave the area. With the help of our two boys (Mitchell and Matthew), we quickly loaded important items into our vehicles and left our home for possibly the last time. It took us 10 hours to get to the south end of the city, our city, which was on fire.


We were in contact with our close friends Bernie and Donna, who were also making their way south out of town. They were heading to their camper south of Wandering River at the Highway 63RV Park, and invited us to come and stay there with them. We arrived at the RV Park around 2:30am. The next morning, we met the owners, Kevin and Monique, who immediately offered any assistance they could provide. Even opening their home to us for showers and laundry. 


The park quickly filled, as tenants and friends escaped the fires. Some of these people we already knew, and over the next couple of days we would meet the rest. All were friendly and willing to help each other in any way possible. Over the following days, new friendships were formed, as we all waited for news of our homes and our city. It very quickly became apparent that we would not be returning home very soon. We now had to decide what we would do for the coming weeks.


We had thought about buying a camper many times but were faced with the dilemma of where we would use it and store it during the off season. A park with full hook ups and year round storage so we wouldn’t have to move it is what we were looking for. As we learned more about the park and the way it was managed, we decided to ask if there was an available stall. In less than 2 weeks of being evacuated, our new camper was positioned in our lot. In the weeks that followed, tenants joined together and quickly built decks and sheds for any camper that wanted one. 


Kevin and Monique both went out of their way to ensure that everyone was taken care of. Equipment, food, water, or any other assistance they could provide was quickly made available. Even opening their home for a large gathering and a meal for everyone in the park. 


We were fortunate and did not lose our home to the fire. We are very thankful to Kevin and Monique and all the tenants who made us feel welcome during a very stressful time in our lives.


In the years that have since passed, we no longer refer to Kevin and Monique as the owners, we refer to them as friends and members of the RV park family. We look forward to spending time at the park and relaxing. 


Kevin and Monique continue to improve the campground, the addition of the new Tiki Bar to allow for large gatherings out of the weather and a playground area for the younger kids. The electric gate for added security. They also open their home each winter for a snowmobile weekend, which is a great get away during the long winter months.


To Kevin, Monique and all the tenants who have made us feel welcome. THANK YOU!


~ Dave & Pansy Barney, Fort McMurray


We started camping at Highway 63 RV Park in 2014. We were previously camping south of Boyle, and dropped by one Sunday afternoon to visit a friend. I had the most comforting feeling at the campground that afternoon. When we left I said to my husband “I would love to camp there”. So we called the campground owner and asked if we could be put on the waiting list for the next year. That fall they called us and said there would be an opening in the spring so in the spring of 2014, we moved in. The owners have been awesome! It’s like a big family here and I would not change a thing. 


Where else can you go and have your own garden with fresh vegetables in the fall, a swimming pool and a big building for cookouts and socializing with friends. 

Thanks for everything Kevin and Monique.

~ Norm and Juanita Collins, Fort McMurray


We have been camping at Highway 63 RV since 2015. We were referred by a friend that has been there for a long time and spoke highly of his “weekend summer home”. As soon as we arrived, we knew it was going to be great because the group of people were so friendly. It is a perfect mix of relaxation and fun. On hot days, we like to cool off in the pool. There is also a beautiful river that we walk to daily and we like to ride our bikes around the property perimeter. Our kids love being outside all day. 

The RV Park is very well kept, and everyone does their part to keep it clean and organized. Kevin and Monique are what makes the place so great. They manage it so well and we could not ask for better owners. The rules are fair and keep the place safe and presentable. 

If you are social and are looking for a place to relax on the weekend, we highly recommend Highway 63 RV Park. 

~ Ben and Jessica Hetherington, Fort McMurray 


I have been at the RV park since 2011 and it has been the most enjoyable. The owners have made the park ‘paradise’ with so many upgrades and it is so well looked after. 

The park has beautiful lots and good people and the owners deserve a lot of credit for this. The location makes it ideal for supporting businesses in Wandering River, Plamondon, Lac La Biche, and Athabasca region. 

~ Elsie Rogers, Newfoundland


First I would like to say ‘thank you’ for having me at the RV Park for the last 8 seasons. I have had made some wonderful memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. We have had so many laughs here. There’s never a dull moment. 


Being a ‘glamper’ is such a blast! From our dart tournaments, fundraisers, bus rides, boil ups, babies being born, and other celebrations (too many to list), this place has been a place of joy. 

Thanks for letting me share these experiences with so many wonderful people. You guys are the best owners I could ask for. Loves ya.


~ Jeff Rogers, Fort McMurray


In the summer of 2015 our family joined the Highway 63 RV Park family and over the years we have enjoyed our stay. Our family has absolutely no complaints. We feel it is home away from home. 

In 2016 Fort McMurray faced a very difficult time with the wild fire and Kevin and Monique opened up their home to help my family in our time of need. We will always be grateful for their kind generosity when we needed it most. Our family highly recommends Highway 63 RV Park. I promise you will always be in for a good time with lots of laughs. 

~ Tammy and Robert Dillman, Fort McMurray


We have been camping at the RV Park since August of 2015. We actually got the lot before purchasing a camper to secure a spot. The lots are a good size with space for a shed and deck. The campground is very friendly and has a comforting environment - campers always helping other campers is what I like about this campground. You feel part of a family.

During the 2016 wildfire, the owners were very accommodating in ensuring we all had the essentials such as food, water, and laundry services. Over the last couple of years, the park has expanded with a tiki bar, playground, and more. This campground is a great get-a-way spot that is still close to all amenities and we highly recommend it. 

~ Sheldon and Nikki Hynes, Fort McMurray


We camped at Highway 63 from 2011 to 2021 and we were so happy there. The people that camp there are like family and the owners (Kevin and Monique) became our very dear friends. 

Highway 63 RV Park has everything you could ever want in a campground…great friends, great laughs, a pool, and now a Tiki Bar for our group get-togethers and Karaoke. 

Kevin and Monique make sure the campground is meticulously maintained at all times and take great pride in how much they have grown and accomplished over the years. 

~ Lisa Snow and Terry Gagnon, Fort McMurray


Since camping here in 2017, we have met life-long friends and are gaining many pleasant memories. The campground is well maintained and the owners are very receptive to any and all suggestions put forward. This site is very family oriented. We would give this campground 5 stars!!


~ Patsy Gaudon and Brian Young, Fort McMurray


My wife and I started camping here in 2010. The first seasonal/recreational camper to move into Highway 63 RV Park. Little did they know what they were getting into hey? (haha). Since that time we’ve seen may people coming in and have made them a part of our family. This is our home away from home and we wouldn’t change a thing. Kevin and Monique you made us feel welcome from the very first day and we appreciate everything you have done to make this place our happy place. The first day I pulled in here I got butterflies in my tummy and I still get them now as soon as I pull up to the gate. Those butterflies are a good thing!

~ Paul and Roxanne Head, Fort McMurray


Being residents of Leduc, AB and working at an Oilsands mine in Fort McMurray, my husband and I have found the need for a close get-a-way on days off. Highway63RV has been the perfect solution for us, as it is in a location that is close enough to be at our seasonal camping lot in just a couple of hours.

We love the fact that the owners, Kevin and Monique Mosich, are not only choosing tenants that ‘fit well’ with their neighbours by having things in common, but they also maintain the grounds in and around the campsite in an eye-appealing way; landscaping with lawns and trees for shade, upgrades such as a Tiki Bar and pool area for all to enjoy, and trails that take you to a relaxing spot down by the river, and a community garden are just some of the amenities to keep the retreat welcoming.


This is our fourth season at this pet-friendly RV Park and we’re looking forward to many more!

~ Blair and Cyndi Bartlett, Leduc


In 2012 we decided to ship our trailer from Newfoundland to Fort McMurray. Not knowing where to put it, we were told about a site at Highway 63 RV Park and we eventually moved into a stall in the summer of 2012. Got to say it was the best decision we ever made. This place is so family oriented and you are so welcome here. It’s our home away from home. 

Monique and Kevin do so much for us all. They are so involved in the RV Park, making sure everything you need is there. It’s a beautiful, clean campsite. We have things here that other campsites would love to be able to offer. A swimming pool, playground, and a beautiful Tiki Bar cookhouse that is beyond spectacular. A garden for fresh vegetables, bike trails, etc.

I hope that we will spend many more years here and would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you Monique and Kevin for all you do!


~ Colleen Stringer and Regis Deschenes, Fort McMurray 

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