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Back to Nature

Off the grid Camping

About this location

About this location

Round Lake Campground is situated within a 33-acre government lease. Our company Highway 63 RV Ltd. obtained the lease on May 17, 2010 and just 4 days later, we were open for business and were bursting at the seams! 


About the Lake

Corrigal Lake (locally known as Round Lake) is well known for its natural beauty and INCREDIBLE sunsets. Our clients are first drawn to our campground because of its beautiful, peaceful setting but they choose to stay in our campground for what it doesn’t offer:

Round Lake is not a fish-bearing or swimming lake but it is ideal for paddle boats, kayaking, and canoeing. Round Lake Campground is family-friendly and ‘off the grid’ which means our clients provide their own water, power source, and are required to dispose of their black and gray water in one of the three on-site receptacles. Cell phone and internet coverage is hit and miss which makes our campground ideal for those who want to ‘unplug’ and ‘get back to nature’. 

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Events & Incentives

Our client demographics range from young families to middle-aged empty nesters to retirees. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet, or tons of family-friendly events -- or a bit of both, Round Lake Campground is the place to be! 

May - Meet & Greet


This is a fun way for our campers to get to know us and one another. It is also a great opportunity to chat about campground rules, what we expect from our clients and what they can expect from us. A brief Q&A session is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and so we strongly encourage all campground tenants to attend. Complimentary snacks, beverages, and prizes round out the first event of the season. 

May - Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Since the campground is not open for Easter, we host the kid's Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt on May Long Weekend - Immediately following the Meet and Greet, With the help of our great moms and dads, candies and toys are hidden throughout the campground and the kids head out armed with buckets and bunny ears! This activity is a hit with the kids and parents alike.

July 2020 – Christmas in July!


Monique taught the techniques of Watercolour painting for an afternoon in the gazebo. The kids paint a Christmas image of their choice and Round Lake Campground had them professionally printed on Christmas Cards. Packages containing cards and envelopes are distributed to the parents before the end of the season. 

July / August – ‘Clash of the Campgrounds’ River Float.


Teams representing our RV Park and Round Lake Campground take part in a friendly river float / race that takes place on the calm and scenic La Biche River. The float concludes at our RV Park and attendees from both campgrounds gather in the Tiki Bar where the winning campground receives the honorary title of ‘BEST MOSICH CAMPGROUND’ for that year. Participants in the float enjoy a complimentary taco bar and ice cold refreshments!

August - Campground Cup Golf Tournament.


This annual fundraiser is co-hosted with Better Den Ome Campground and is open to campers from our campgrounds. For a $100 registration fee, golfers receive transportation to and from the tournament, a steak dinner, a shared cart and amazing prizes. Contests, raffles and draws take place throughout the day and all proceeds from the tournament are donated back to non-profit groups in the Wandering River community. This is an extremely popular tournament with a waiting list to to enter.

September - Halloween at the Lake.


This season wind-up event keeps growing and growing in popularity each year. Trick or Treating for kids, prizes awarded for best costumes and best decorated stalls, candy guessing games, spaghetti eating contest, and a fabulous potluck marks the end to an amazing, fun-filled day and season! 

September 2019 - Ten Year Anniversary Celebration.


Anniversary celebration / appreciation event for campers, contractors, and invited guests. Bouncy Castles for kids and ‘Roll Back the Rent’ game for adults. All campers were entered into a draw for a chance to roll back their 2020 season rent to the rate associated with the year on the prize wheel. Awesome door prizes and $2450 in rent credits were won (and redeemed) by our happy campers in the 2020 season!

September 2021 - Round Lake 70 km Fun Run!

This was a fundraiser for our volunteer fire department. Some enthusiastic tenants and campground owners ripped up the roads on foot by taking part in a combined 74 km run. So many community members and tenants generously sponsored our team, and together we were all able to make a $2550 donation! Participants and tenants were entered into 3 draws for $500 rent credits for the following season. It was a win - win - win!

October 2019 & 2020 - Stall Beautification Incentive.


Campers must declare their entry into the contest for a chance to win a $500 rent credit for the following season. Criteria is given at the beginning of the season, judging takes place throughout the season, and a shortlist is determined by the end of the season. In October, we invite 3-4 community members to do a complete walk-through of the campground to determine the winners based on the contest criteria that we give them. In 2018, we awarded 8 stalls with rent credits for the 2019 season and in 2020, we awarded 6 stalls with rent credits for the 2021 season – for a total of $7000 in rewards / incentives!  The rent credits are a token of our appreciation for the effort and substantial costs that our tenants put into their beautiful stalls.


Besides its natural beauty, Round Lake Campground offers many amenities

  • certified sewer dumping receptacles (3)

  • full-time, on-site management 

  • garbage disposal bin (bear proof)

  • gated / secure (solar power gate)

  • gazebo with wood stove (large, enclosed) 

  • grassy area for soccer, volleyball, and hockey games

  • outhouses (3)

  • playgrounds (2)

  • seasonal dock to launch canoes, kayaks and paddle boats (coming 2024 season)

  • soccer nets and balls

New amenities coming soon! ​​

  • new, self-contained outhouses 

  • on-site cabin / office

  • upgrade sewer dumping stations 

Emergency Preparedness

  • campground safety plan

  • emergency procedures

  • emergency response plan

  • fire smart plan

  • wildlife safety and control resources



Bylaws & Rules

Bylaws and Rules

Upon registration, all tenants (new and returning) receive a welcome package (electronic booklet) that speaks to all of our rules in great detail:

Alcohol Use

ATV Bylaws (Adults and Youth)

Buildings and Structures Criteria

Boundaries / Trespassing

Cleanliness Standards

Campground Construction Restrictions

(Caribou & Migrating Birds Seasons)

Deposits (Gate Key & Damage)

Disorderly Conduct




Fire Pit Standards

Fire & OHV Bans

Firewood (Purchasing and Permits for Harvesting)


Garbage Disposal

Guests, Visitors, Weekenders

Insurance Coverage Requirements

Lake and Shoreline Use

Quiet Time

Registration Process (Permanent and Visitors)

Sewage Disposal

Sheds and Tarps

Speed Limit

Stall Improvements

Stall Maintenance & Upkeep


Zero Tolerance (cause for immediate eviction):

  • ATV riding on the shoreline

  • Careless driving (all motor vehicles, including ATVs)

  • Deliberate damage to our property and/or neighboring property

  • Disregard for fire or ATV bans

  • Failure to meet our cleanliness standards

  • Hunting and/or use of firearms or fireworks within the campground

  • Illicit drug use

  • Improper black and gray water disposal

  • Improper wood ash disposal

  • Lewd, disrespectful and disorderly conduct

  • Littering of any kind (including cigarette butts) 

  • Theft

  • Trespassing

  • Unauthorized tree removal from Round Lake Campground 

  • Unauthorized tree and firewood removal from private property 

  • Unauthorized tree removal from the FPA without a valid TM66 firewood permit or failure to follow the conditions of the permit

Also included in the welcome package are Emergency Contacts (medical, fire control, wildlife, RCMP, and management), Emergency Procedures, and other resources such as Fire/OHV Bans, Wood Cutting Permits, and Wildlife Safety Guides.



Round Lake Campground is a quiet and relaxing spot. We love it there because of that, along with the short drive from Fort McMurray. Monique and Kevin are very informative and great to deal with. We look forward to spending our summers there.

~ Jon and Madeena Martin, Fort McMurray


Round Lake is an amazing place to spend the summers. It is truly a family out there. Everybody watches out for everybody and I feel safe letting my child run and play around the park. The Halloween celebration at the end of the season is a highlight to our summer!

~ Valarie Hare, Fort McMurray


We have been at Round Lake Campground since 2015 and have been enjoying our time here. This is our home away from home.

Big thanks to Monique, Kevin and manager, Jamie for all your hard work. We look forward to many more years here. 

~ Hilton Payne and Leigh Young, Fort McMurray


Spent one weekend and decided to put our camper at Round Lake full-time, that’s how much we like it here! It is a great campground for families and we can’t wait to spend the summer there!

~ Brandi Marsh, Fort McMurray


We loved spending time with friends and family and quiet time around the fire. 

~ Tonya and Jason Dreaddy, Fort McMurray


Round Lake Campground was our happy place for the last 11 seasons. We enjoyed bringing our family there to create great memories and be in a friendly environment. The campground was always kept clean, tidy and it was well maintained – and the owners are such great, friendly people.

Enjoying nature and the sunsets are beautiful over the lake.

~ The Whiteway’s, Fort McMurray


We loved Round Lake Campground. Monique and Kevin have created a very welcoming atmosphere. The area is beautiful with the most stunning sunsets we’ve ever seen. It is a very clean, family friendly campground, surrounded by beautiful, mature forests. We even had wild raspberries and strawberries that growing around our campsite!

~ Jen and Joel Hoilund, Fort McMurray

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